Top Model of the World – Bremen

Top Model of the World

Top model in the world takes place in the city of Bremen in northern Germany. The City of Bremen is a Hanseatic city in northwestern Germany, which belongs to the state Free Hanseatic City of Bremen or shortly Bremen.
A commercial and industrial city with a major port on the river Weser, Bremen is part of the Bremen Oldenburg metropolitan region, with a total of 2.4 million people. Bremen is the second largest city in North Germany and tenth in Germany.
Bremen is an important cultural and economic hub in the northern regions and home to dozens of historic galleries and museums of historical sculptures of the most important art museums to as Overseas Museum. Bremen has a reputation as a city working class. Along with this, Bremen is home to a large number of multinational companies and production centers. Company headquartered in Bremen include the Hachez chocolate company and Vector Foiltec. The four-time German football champion Werder Bremen are also based in the city.
Bremen is about 60 km (37 miles) south of the Weser on the North Sea. Bremen has a lot to offer as the Bremen Town Musicians. One of the most famous and popular of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. The adults and children around the world know the story of the donkey, the dog, the cat and the rooster to be the musicians in Bremen, the story of the Brothers Grimm dream.

Top Model of the World – Contestants

1. Armenia Maryam Dartyan 21 Model Eng/Armen/Rus
2. Australia Jolene Peters 17 Model English
3. Brazil Emanuelle Costa 23 Student of Medicine Eng/Portuguese
4. Bulgaria Margo Cooper 23 Model Eng/Bul/Rus
5. Belgium Camille Späth 20 Law Student Eng/Fre/Span/G
6. Baltic Sea Tatjana Genrich 23 Translator Eng/Germ/Russ
7. Black Sea Nina Goryniuk 22 Coach Engl/Russ/Ukr.
8. Canada Taylor Dawn Empey 18 Model / Server English
9. Colombia Alejandra Lopez 22 Beauty Queen Spanish
10. Costa Rica Estefani Sanchez 26 Lawyer and Notary Spanish
11. Denmark Natasha Helms 22 Pers. Ass. in Clinic Eng/Danish
12. England Jessica Oliver Walsh 20 Hairstylist English
13. El Salvador Elizabeth Cader 20 Student Eng/Spanish
14. Ecuador Virginia Limongi Silva 21 Student/Model Eng/Spanish
15. France Sonia Mansour 23 Student/Model Eng/Fre/Ger
16. Germany Teresa Peitz 25 Model Eng/German
17. Ghana Sylvia Commodore 21 Student / Model English
18. Hungary Babette Dukai 23 Student Eng/Hungarian
19. Italy Chiara Sassanelli 17 Student Eng/Ital/French
20. India Priyanka Gusain English
21. Jamaica Abigail Lawes 20 Concierge English
22. Kyrgyzstan Begimai Karybekova 18 Student / Model
23. Lebanon Christine Houry 25 Student Arabic/French
24. Malta Nicole Mallia 21 Student English/Maltese
25. Moldova Irina Molocenco 24 Model Eng/Russ/Ita/Uk
26. Nigeria Ezeh Deborah Adaku 20 Student Eng/Igbo
27. Namibia Magdalena George 25 Student Eng/Oshidonga
28. Philippines Natalia Lalonde 27 Model English
29. Puerto Rico Franceska Medina 23 Corp. Communicate
30. Poland Alexa Waluk 23 Nurse Polish/Ger/Eng
31. Romania Diana Albu 23 Student Eng/French
32. Spain Alicia Rodriguez 23 Student Eng/Spanish
33. Sweden Matilda Helgstrand 23 Student Engl/Swedish
34. Scandinavia Linnea Johansson 20 Model Eng/Sweden
35. Sri Lanka Visna Fernando 25 Model Eng/Sinhala
36. Seychelles Paola Mariette Dine 24 Student Eng/Creole/Fre.
37. Sierra Leone Tyrilia Gouldson
38. Thailand Anchana Artklom 25 Model Eng/Thai
39. Turkey Ecem Urgöz 26 Model Eng/Turkish
40. USA Jen Sidorova 26 PhD Student Eng/Russian
41. Ukraine Inna Vasiuk 20 Student Eng/Russian

Jury Top Model of the World in Bremen

  • Maria Leiber – Chairman
  • Elena Kosmina – TMW 2015
  • Selina Kriechbaum – Qof Europe 2015
  • Valentina Rasulova – Miss Intercontinental
  • Sema Sarigül – Lacomed
  • Carmen Sanne Salomon – Stage School